• Bumpity bump. I've added quite a few features since my last post, including image caching, searching comics, share sheet, and directly opening explainxkcd.com. I think it can actually compete with other xkcd viewer apps now :D You can find it in pythonista tools under the "Fun" category.

  • I've played with Wipy one year ago but there was a lot of bugs thus the hw is now waiting in my cellar...

  • by the way in case you're looking for irc clients I suggest Limechat on mac.

    and Palaver on iOS (https://palaverapp.com)

  • Pythonista posted

    another little modification to support utf-8 editing:

    change def submit(): # This function will get called for each POST request to / ... f.write(request.forms.get('code').replace('\r', '')) # And dump our code into it


    f.write(request.forms.code.replace('\r', ''))

    see [https://stackoverflow.com/questions/27432211/python-bottle-requests-and-unicode](link url)

    If you use the alternative direct property access request.query.q or forms.q Bottle will give you Unicode strings instead, decoded from the byte version using UTF-8. It's usually best to work with these Unicode strings wherever you can.

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