• @omz how long would it take for this fix to make it into the App Store? Also, will getting the beta affect my files/settings in any way?

  • whoops, i realized that post was about ui, not scene.

    Why don't you post your example code, and we can take a look.

    Are you using scene.translate before rotate? That will likely cause the center of rotation to be different than what you expect.

  • It's only there for backwards compatibility, and intentionally not documented, so it doesn't show up in code completion (which is partially based on the documentation index). I'd recommend using the equivalent get_screen_size() instead.

  • @D4NY44L, did you first put the gamepie-ios in your site-packages and rename it to gamepie, as explained in the original post?

  • Hi,

    I got, from a swift project, some SceneKit assets (files with ‘.scn’ extension). I put them in a ###.scnassets directory and try to load them using the SCNScene.sceneNamed_ method.
    This call fails, i got None as result.
    Do you know if I need to make a kind of initialization for the SceneKit resources mechanism ?

    Thanks for your help...

  • Pprint actually works pretty well. I tend to think of pyuis as just a repr of a dict. You can read pyuis and eval them, and pprint shows the structure well. This can be useful,for, for instance moving a bunch of components into some container, or flattening a view that had subviews.

    from pprint import pprint def showpyui(filename): with open(filename) as f: s=f.read() # safe eval. Pyuis have literals true and false instead of True and False, so we have to fix those by defining appropriate locals pyuidict=eval(s,{'__builtins__':None},{'true':True,'false':False}) pprint(pyuidict)
  • Haven't updated this project for a loong time, but hopefully gonna add some cool stuff now! :]

    In this update I added branches support:

    When entering repo's name, you can specify the branch by putting '/{branch-name-here}' after repo's name, ex:


    Going to add push support soon.

    P. S. Fixed the lag issue; updates will now be pushed into the dev branch

  • Updated the repo - removed SDL_gfx dependency. I needed it only for drawing ellipses, but after some googling and reading wikipedia I managed to write my own functions :]. Also I added install.py which (hopefully) makes it easier to build & install scene library.

  • And to answer your question - if you want the user (which will always be mobile) you can use os.environ

  • Nice! It reminds me of the classic snake game I played on my old Nokia phone :) <br>
    Thanks for sharing! :)

  • UPDATE 3 Added Delete, Move and Rename options. Added New option, allowing you to create new folder/files/templates Added Open in editor to the text editor, allowing you to open file in the Pythonista's editor. Fixed AppManager (now you can't add an extension if it is already in the list)
  • @JonB, works perfectly, thanks :)

  • ...and yes, I do have my hands full with iOS, and though I know some basics, I'm actually not a particularly good Android developer.

  • Okay, I think I finally got it. do_unzip should have decorator @ui.in_background and other functions should not. Now it runs just fine. Thanks :)

  • Update

    Added pychievements installer (as requested by @tjferry14) and a one-file library pypi. It can be dowloaded from the same repo where installers live. Make sure you have it installed, as I've updated all the installers to use this library (and consume less code)

  • @JobB, no I haven't and I am sure about that. After I restarted Pythonista (it actually crashes) it ran just fine. And I had simular errors before, just popping up without any reason.

  • +1 for fixing this bug

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