• jamwheeler

    Is there any plan or support for restructured text in Editorial? I've found it to be a much richer markup for scientific documenting than plain markdown.

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  • jamwheeler

    I bought pythonista about a year ago for the express purpose of time-delaying urls.

    However, I have never been able to get the whole workflow to work. Specifically, I can only get the notifications module to run an action_url when pythonista is running in the background. If I close pythonista and tap the notification that pops up, it merely opens pythonista to the script that launched it, and does nothing.

    If I close pythonista afterwards, and then wait for the notification to pop up, and then open pythonista before tapping on the notification in the notificataion center, pythonista launches and nothing happens.

    I have tried the following urls:


    I have an iPhone5s running pythonista3 on iOS 9.3.4

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