• Jchandlerhall

    Hi folks, love Editorial. Just found the forums and look forward to more workflows.

    I haven't upgraded to the latest version, and see that .py files can't be accessed in Dropbox anymore.

    Isn't this a big loss?

    I can hold off upgrading probably until iOS 8, especially since I'm running Jailbroken 7.0.6.

    Would you hold off upgrading? Do you miss this feature if you have?

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  • Jchandlerhall

    Omz, I don't use it...but am also still just a newbie in much beyond Markdown formatting. I still have the belief I'll be an Editoriall power user this year. Haha.

    I do feel I'm more likely the demographic discussed on a recent thread. I'm more a writer of content than a programmer. However, I do have a computer background...even a CS degree, but I never really programmed for a living. Just hacked stuff.

    My last stint was with a python-based Internet of things company, so partly was interested for the python aspects...figured hacking existing workflows would be a way to get more familiar. So, I would +1 the inclusion of more workflows.

    Thx for the replies!

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