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    Matplotlib animation. I understand that Pythonista doesn't support the matplotlib animation APIs. Are there any work-arounds?

    I have an IOT application where measurement data is multicast from the IOT device and received by my iPAD for graphing. I wish to build a simple "strip chart" plot that updates each time new data is received.

    I can create a new plot with plt.show( ) each time but my console eventually is overloaded with a series of plot figures. How can I update an existing plot and have it rendered right away?

    Unfortunately the fig.canvas.flush_events( ) API is not implemented in Pythonista. That's what I use on my desktop.

    Here's a simple example that works great on the desktop. What modifications are needed to get this to work in Pythonista? The fig.canvas.flush_events() is a problem on Pythonista.

    import numpy as np
    import time
    import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
    fig = plt.figure()
    tstart = time.time()               # for profiling
    x = np.arange(0,2*np.pi,0.01)      # x-array
    line, = plt.plot(x,np.sin(x))
    for i in np.arange(1,200):
        line.set_ydata(np.sin(x+i/10.0))  # update the data
        plt.pause(0.001)  #redraw figure, allow GUI to handle events
    print ('FPS:' , 200/(time.time()-tstart))
    plt.show() ```

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