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    For quite some time, I've been happily using ahenry91's (Github user name) wc_sync with Pythonista. Recently, it quit working. I think it was after the last Pythonista update, but I'm not sure how to troubleshoot it. Has anyone else started getting the "Not a valid URL scheme action. Now say you're sorry." pop-ups when they try to use this tool?

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  • jeff_melton

    WorkingCopy is a great app, and I used Working_Copy_Sync all the time until very recently, when it started failing. I think something in the last update to Pythonista broke it, but I haven't taken the time to troubleshoot it yet. That's actually what I came to the forum looking for... >.>

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    @omz: Thank you very much. I'd wondered if I wasn't just getting one frame of the video. This does indeed get me started.

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  • jeff_melton

    My end goal is to use Pythonista to upload video taken on my iPhone to Vimeo by way of their API. Using their official library (installed via StaSH), uploads are easy: Just provide a path to a local file. Generally, I'd like to select a video from Photo Roll, write it to Pythonista's local storage, upload it to Vimeo, then remove it from local storage. I'm writing the file, and it has the correct length in bytes, but the upload fails (it creates a tombstone at Vimeo, a zero-length file), and the file in local storage doesn't play when I try opening it in an external resource (Quick Look -> Save in Dropbox; won't play on phone or desktop). Here's what I have so far (truncating a few bits related to patching metadata into the uploaded file, plus local storage file removal):

    # coding: utf-8
    import vimeo
    import photos
    from io import BytesIO
    from objc_util import ObjCInstance
    client = vimeo.VimeoClient(token='my_api_token')
    video_asset = photos.pick_asset()
    video_data = video_asset.get_image_data()
    video_bytes = video_data.getvalue()
    filename = str(ObjCInstance(video_asset).filename())
    with open(filename, 'wb') as video:
    video_uri = client.upload(filename)

    I feel like I'm missing something obvious here, but I can't figure out what it is. Any help is much obliged. :)

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