• jessearwhite

    I've tried both my own custom UI and other workflows and it looks like when you select a row in a table using the basic UI builder nothing happens, dumbed This down to just a simple table that shows an alert...

    Is this already known? If so I couldn't find anything about it... Going to do this in UI/python now but it's overkill for the simplicity I actually need.

    Got this working by adding the following to view appeared on the main view, it just saves the selected row into a variable for later (All I really needed):


    import os
    import editor
    import workflow
    class MyTableViewDelegate (object):
        def tableview_did_select(self, tableview, section, row):
            # Called when a row was selected.
            workflow.set_variable('selected', tableview.data_source.tableview_cell_for_row(tableview, section, row).text_label.text)
        def tableview_did_deselect(self, tableview, section, row):
            # Called when a row was de-selected (in multiple selection mode).
        def tableview_title_for_delete_button(self, tableview, section, row):
            # Return the title for the 'swipe-to-***' button.
            return 'Delete'
    v = workflow.get_view()
    tableview = v['tableview1']
    tableview.allows_selection = True
    handler = MyTableViewDelegate()
    tableview.delegate = handler

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