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    Hello everyone,,
    I tried a few apps that say they sync ios with windows, but they don't work the way I want or they are very limited.https://showbox.bio/ https://tutuapp.uno/

    What I want to do is pass a URL from my iOS device to my windows PC and make it open automatically.

    The steps I think it need to have are:

    Get the URL

    Pass it to Pythonista

    Use a script to send this URL, as well as appropriate commands to my windows PC

    Run the command, which will open a new tab, loading the URL

    What I cannot do yet is to connect pythonista and windows. I think that I'll be able to ssh (now that windows 10 has native ssh). But I have little to no knowledge on these things and I don't even know how to start configuring a ssh server on my pc, let alone connect it using stash.

    Do you think this is possible? If it is, could you help me understand how can I create an active server (maybe ssh, but it can also be by using powershell)

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