• jkoen

    Hi Pythonista,

    I recently bought Pythonista because I thought it could help me to sort and build dictionary outputs from "Get contents of URL" in Shortcuts. I must say so far I have been very disappointed

    My first issue I got:
    I found the script "Run script" does not pass the actual arguments. With a bit of googling I found that you could use the URL script as a workaround.

    Second Issue
    So if I use URL to call the python script it then opens actual Pythonista and then you have to manually switch back to Shortcuts. Really? I can see the content passed back to the clipboard on Shortcuts from the clipboad.set function but the opening of Pythonista is a "no go"

    Is there a way that I can use the script "Run script" and pass it arguments as it is intended for?
    if not and I'm forced to use the script URL, how can I get it to not switch screens from Shortcuts to Pythonista?

    Im running IOS 15.1

    I would appreciate any advice
    Kind Regards

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