• jmmelko

    just to mention that I have managed to install the mido module in Pythonista after installing stash first.

    I was amazed that it could work without breaking any of Apple API policies!

    Actually the hardest part was to find launch_stash.py, which was in « This iPhone » and not in « Python modules/site-packages » as are the other Stash files.

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  • jmmelko


    has anyone written a « find in files » script for Pythonista?
    Basically a script that would search .py or text files within a folder and return results in the console.

    The first few weeks after installing Pythonista, I was astonished not to find many of the basic functions of most script editors, such as « comment line(s) », and « Find/Replace ».

    After searching this forum and the web, I finally found what I needed, but it took me some time, and I was quite surprised that these scripts were not stored in an organized place. The search feature of this forum is not very efficient for that purpose.

    If anyone could help me, I would give him... all my gratitude!

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