• johnnyEss

    Thanks for the reply's guys! @ihf I'll give OMZ's script a try!

    @ccc At the moment, I don't want to go through the added hassle of getting all setup for the Dropbox development API key and all... but thanks for the reference, I may explore in the future!

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  • johnnyEss

    Hello all,

    I have been learning Python on my Windows 7 platform. I just purchased Pythonista 3 for my iPad and am VERY excited to be able to continue my Python play on the go. I have been a life-long database developer and so my coding has mostly been around doing database "type things".

    I have been able to create a SQLite db locally on my iPad... but what I would REALLY like is to copy over the one I've been populating for months over on Windows...

    But for the life of me I CANNOT figure out how to get my jhs2016.db file over into the Pythonista files area so that I can use it with my Pythonista coding. I have tried "sending it" from Dropbox, OneDrive and iCould to Pythonista but it won't work.


    Thanks for your help!


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