• johnwhitley

    Having the iCloud picker would be great, as that would allow integration with the wonderful app Working Copy, a Git client for iOS that includes an iCloud document picker.

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  • johnwhitley

    I've been loving Editorial's Taskpaper support, and recently had the thought that a very nice alternative/complement to that would be support for a GitHub Flavored Markdown (GFM) extension: Task Lists.

    The syntax is valid Markdown, using the unordered list syntax, e.g.:

    - [ ] a task list item
    - [ ] list syntax required
    - [ ] normal **formatting**, @mentions, #1234 refs
    - [ ] incomplete
    - [x] completed


    • I like Taskpaper for its simplicity and the ability to intermix notes and task items. The GFM task lists also enable this, but with as much (or little) of the full power of Markdown as I choose.
    • The input UI can remain pretty simple. A straw man: - [ ] or - [x]starts a Markdown task list, <cr> continues it, etc. All similar to the existing Taskpaper list entry UI.
    • Better interoperability. Markdown has far better support than Taskpaper in other tools, making it easier to work on my desktop editor, then carry on later in Editorial, or vice-versa.
    • Editorial becomes an even better scratchpad for drafting Markdown that will ultimately be published on GitHub.

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