• Jtg7850

    I'm new to Python so apologies in advance for a newbie question. I would like to create a pythonista program that can copy a list of tasks from my clipboard and pass them to either Appigo ToDo or Reminders.

    The clipboard data may contain:
    Buy lettuce
    Buy laundry detergent
    Buy tomatoes

    The code below appears to function for only the first task in the list stored in the clipboard.

    Does anyone know how I can modify this to work with Appigo Todo? Alternatively, does anyone know if there is a URL scheme to access Reminders?

    Thanks in advance!

    ---code below---
    <pre>import clipboard
    import urllib
    import webbrowser

    todo = 'appigotodo://x-callback-url/import?name='
    text = clipboard.get()
    tasks = text.split('\n')

    for index in range(len(tasks)):
    task = urllib.quote(tasks[index])
    webbrowser.open(todo + task)</pre>

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  • Jtg7850

    The one feature I would really like is for my scripts to sync between my iPhone and iPad via iCloud. I think that would make development a lot more convenient as I like to switch between both devices for different types of tasks.

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  • Jtg7850

    OMZ - thanks for trying to look into this further!

    Viticci - thank you for sending that. It's a similar use case and might be worth checking out Due if it supports sequential tasks. Thanks!

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  • Jtg7850

    Thank you for the quick response OMZ! This makes sense. I think I'll inquire with Appigo regarding whether it's possible to add multiple tasks in one URL.


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