• JuanCab

    So, after the latest update to Pythonista (version 3.1), I am now getting an API Error when my DropBox Syncing script attempts to upload files to DropBox when the state.check_state command is called (this also prevents updating of the sync state). Does anyone have a DropBox Syncing script that works with Pythonista 3.1.

    EDIT: The script I used is DropboxSyncv2.py (https://gist.github.com/KainokiKaede/015601fc9f29c354a805fc56deef1bbe) but I edited line 153 to read

    client = dropboxloginv2.get_client()

    instead of

    client = dropboxlogin3v2.get_client()

    in order to call dropboxloginv2 properly. The API error occurs in the call on line 179.

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