• KainokiKaede166

    I edited those two codes to use DropBox API v2: dropboxloginv2.py and DropboxSyncv2.py .

    Now that API v1 is deprecated, you'd better use those new codes.
    They are working well on my Pythonista 3, but not well tested.
    If you notice any bugs, please fork the codes and fix them!

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  • KainokiKaede166

    I suffered the same problem and here are my quick & dirty fix: dropboxlogin.py and DropboxSync.py .

    Mainly there are three fixes:

    1. In Python 3, dropbox module seems to receive tokens in bytes, but somehow doesn't accept them in bytes. So decode them into ascii codec.
    2. In Python 3, pickle.dumps method returns bytes, not string. So convert to csv.
    3. dropbox module now gives files in bytes, so receive them in bytes.

    Now those codes are running fine on my Pythonista 3 but I think it's high time we migrated to API v2.

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