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    Editorial Workflows for creating Dropbox Folders.
    Hi everyone. I’ve been using Editorial for my TaskPaper on iOS solution for some years.
    One of the best things about Editorial is its extensibility through workflows, but I have zero coding skills. Luckily, users have generously shared many useful scripts I download and use.
    Using taskpaper mode, I often wish there was a way to grab text information on the current line (like a project: ) & create a folder in dropbox with the corresponding name (stripping special characters like : & @ that aren’t allowed on file paths), & paste a dropbox share link as a memo/note 1 line below the Project line. I couldn’t find any workflows like this, & there doesn’t seem to be actions in workflow made for this - I was wondering if this was possible, maybe through Python scripting?
    If so, if you could point me in a direction, or if there’s already a similar workflow I just haven’t been able to find, I would really appreciate it. Thanks!

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