• Kevin254

    I am very new to programming, and working on my first solo project that’s not part of a course or exercise. It’s just a text based collection of various functions (calculator, bill tracker, calendar, etc.).

    From lots of googling it looks like I need to “Pickle” the data so that it persists between when I run the program. I use iOS shortcuts to run the Python script for my program from Pythonista, but I have no idea where to go to find a “newbie friendly” explanation of pickling and how to implement it or something like it into Pythonista.

    TLDR: looking for easier to understand resources on how to save data entered into program in Pythonista so it is usable next time I run it (on iOS) without having to re-enter the data (i.e. an event added to a calendar, or new key: value pairs in dictionary variables). 1https://19216881.org/ https://1921681001.link/ https://19216801.digital/

    Any/all help is greatly appreciated!

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