I found out that some features of MultiMarkdown are not supported in Editorial, as well as a bug:


    • Within Code delimiter (```), <> are not escaped. i.e. HTML codes within code block will still be HTML codes, not plain text.

    Does not support:

    • MMD metadata block (e.g. title is ignored)
    • superscript & subscript (e.g. if MultiMarkdown is not selected, there's an option to select superscript. But once MMD is enabled, MMD styled superscript and subscript is not supported)
    • Abbreviations
    • Inline footnote
    • ``this kind of smart quote'' will not resulted in “this”
    • Code class (e.g. "```tex" should becomes <code class="tex">...)
    • Math class (it doesn't have <span class="math">... enclosing the math)

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  • KHHKCh

    Editorial renders footnotes incorrectly if 2 footnotes are not separated by a linebreak. MWE:

    - test [^1]
    - test [^2]
    [^1]: ok
    [^2]: should be ok but not in Editorial

    In MultiMarkdown (and pandoc) however it is fine.

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