Thanks @cvp for spending your time to help me out here. Youre brilliant :). There is only one thing that disturbs a bit. You still can see the indicator moving behind the red path and its still white which doesnt look nice on a dark theme. Maybe there is a solution to animate this rectangular shape to the position of the selected index, so that the indicator is always covered?

I think for now i will build my own segmented control with buttons, labels and a colored custom view with a background color that animates x to the button that has been pressed. Thats a dirty solution but this way i know what i‘am doing :D

But if you or someone else wants find a perfect and effectiv solution for this, feel free to do so and share it with us :)

Thanks again for your support
Best wishes and
Stay safe


Almost the same now :P but dirty solution

import ui def segment_tapped(sender): x = sender.x if == "FireTv": v['segmentedCtrl_input']['idx'].width = 56 x = x+2 elif == "Musik": v['segmentedCtrl_input']['idx'].width = 57 x = x-1 else: v['segmentedCtrl_input']['idx'].width = 59 animate_movex(v['segmentedCtrl_input']['idx'],x) for a in buttons: if == a.font = ('Avenir-Heavy', 13) else: a.font = ('Avenir-Book', 13) def animate_movex(v, x): def a(): v.x = x ui.animate(a, 0.3) v = ui.load_view() buttons = v['segmentedCtrl_input'].subviews v['segmentedCtrl_input']['idx'].background_color = '#92b8ff' for a in buttons: a.font = ('Avenir-Book', 13) v.present('sheet') ```