• lei

    Well, the above API calls using CallKit enable me to input/output and tap into the audio which is quite different than only initiating a phone call. Is there any way to “help” the app developers get this through Apple?

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  • lei

    feature request

    Making outgoing phone calls is not working:
    cxcc = CXCallController.alloc().init()
    cxcc.requestTransactionWithAction_completion_(CXStartCallAction.alloc().initWithCallUUID_handle_(UUID.alloc().init(), CXHandle.alloc().initWithType_value_(CXHandleTypeEmailAddress, "me@me.org")), completion)

    ObjCBlock completion will receive an error domain() = com.apple.CallKit.error.requesttransaction code() = 1
    which means, CXErrorCodeRequestTransactionErrorUnentitled.

    Apparently this can only be fixed by adding "VoIP" iOS Background App Mode to Pythonista itself.

    Can I have this added?

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