• Wouldn't killing the app accomplish the reloading?

    I renamed the package and changed all the internal imports to html3text, and have a working script now.

    It's Pythonista 2. I bought 3 but haven't gotten around to switching.

    The problem is that the built-in html2text can't deal with missing CSS definitions, which affects pretty much every page on the web, unless you implement your own handling of <link rel="stylesheet">.

  • It doesn't really have markdown and plain text modes; it always syntax-highlights markdown that you enter, even in a .txt file. The only difference is that you can only see in the preview files that have markdown extensions.

    To change the font in a .txt file (monospace etc), the only way I know is to change it in Settings.

  • You need to change the row height, too.

    import ui v = ui.View() v.background_color = 'white' chs = ui.TableView() lst = ui.ListDataSource(['one\none\nhi','two','back']) lst.number_of_lines=3 chs.row_height = 66 chs.data_source = lst chs.delegate = lst chs.frame = (0,0,320,504) v.add_subview(chs) v.present('sheet')
  • I think your regex breaks for the last line in files without a trailing newline.

    Here is one that restores the selection, so it can be run several times in a row. Use like this.

  • There isn't a big difference.

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