• lschweitzer

    Many thanks! This works just fine on my iPhone. (Got to love copying and pasting on an iPhone...)

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  • lschweitzer

    Hi - Did anybody manage to get the cozmo sdk work on Pythonista 3? (I don’t know if the Cozmo SDK is full Python...)
    I get this in the interactive console with StaSh:

    /Documents]$ pip install cozmo
    Querying PyPI ...
    Error: Source distribution not available for cozmo: 1.2.1

    Many thanks in advance - Luc

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  • lschweitzer

    I experience this problem on my iPad running iOS 9.3.2 using the latest Pythonista 2:

    • I create a new empty script
    • I then type in this code:
    # coding: utf-8
    import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
    plt.scatter (1,1)    --> here the editor crashes

    Then the editor disappears and I am back to the iPad's desktop. Pythonista still runs as I can see it when double-clicking on the iPad's Home button. The file exists but is empty.
    When I copy-paste existing code that contains plt.scatter (10,20) the editor does not crash and the plot is displayed (this pasted code contains the plt.show() line). This seems to indicate that there might be an issue with the auto-fill?
    I have removed Pythonista 2 and reinstalled it just in case, but this did not help. My iPad has roughly 3 Gb of free space. I can reproduce this every single time.

    Any ideas? Many thanks - Luc

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