• Thanks for the info, @JonB. I hope @omz gets a chance to look into this soon.

  • Oh, I see... The internal editor needs it to distinguish the type and to show the GUI editor.

    Well, I'm glad that we'll have the choice of filename extension in the future.


  • Thanks, @omz. That worked fine. I made a do-nothing program named " (Rename File)" with a leading space in the name so it would appear first.

    Will this be fixed in the next version? Any plans for when that might be released?

  • I understand, @omz. You need to play by their rules.

    Could you describe what Pythonista does whenever a program is run? It seems to clear the environment first, because variables don't retain their values from one run to the next. If calls to sys.exit() are trapped, could it also clear the environment then?

  • Not unless Apple changes their rules — built-in features for downloading code are forbidden. @omz covered this on Twitter.

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