• Malanowski204


    I am stuck getting anywhere with Editorial, because I cannot get DropboxAuth to run fully. It always fails when trying to get the access token.

    I see the "Dropbox Authorization" dialog box, and when I hit Proceed, it tosses me to the browser for a split second. Before I can enter my Dropbox credentials, I get an error.

    "Request token has not been properly authorized by a user"

    I tried going back to the browser and signing in, but it didn't take.

    I had no issues getting Pythonista hooked up to Dropbox, but I can't figure this out. Any idea what I am doing wrong?



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  • Malanowski204

    I am trying to set up the DropboxAuth workflow, which seems to be a prerequisite for many of the fancier workflows that I would like to experiment with.

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  • Malanowski204

    Hello all,

    I'm not sure if this is possible with Pythonista, or at all.

    Say I had a 50 page PDF that I wanted to turn into 50, 1 page PDF's. Then say I wanted to toss those files in a specific Dropbox folder. Is that something that Pythonista could handle?

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  • Malanowski204

    I'm aware of several apps that can split off one page of the PDF, but not split a many page PDF info many single page pdf's. That's why I figured Pythonista might be a good fit.


    I am going to check those out.

    Thank you both for your replies.

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