• I guess we should probably mve this to a git repo.... but oh well,


    This version uses a ui.TextField -- editable text -- and sliders for size and weight. Then it dynamically gets CTFonts as the sliders move. I was worried this would be too slow to do in realtime, but it seems ok. fonts dont get technically get animated, but the steps seem fine enough that the effect is smooth. I wouldnt be surprised if this code leaks CTfontRefs, but things seem okay after a long time of playing with the sliders, so should be good for casual use.

    BTW your PanVaria M and N seem to have issues.

  • Wow what a lively community here!
    Thanks for all the responses! This works and will be very helpful.

    By the way... Here is a simulation of what i am trying to do:

    Right now i'm just displaying images depending on touch location. That's already a heavy operation with 200 images and it's just one axis interpolation. I imagine drawing paths would be much faster and lightweight.

    My goal is to simulate what variable fonts can do in a fun and interactive way (i will probably incorporate motion control).

    But maybe a more than a simulation can be achieved?
    @JonB mentioned CTFontCreatePathForGlyph and while i googled it i found this under "Working With Font Variations":

    Not sure if this means it is possible to open variable fonts and work with them...

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