• marcusk

    Found SceneView and also the SimpleNoise GLSL example.

    This example is great in that it shows that GLSL can be used interactively with Pythonista.

    However, what if one would like to use it for non-interactive purposes such as visualizing escape time fractals in 2d/3d where the computation time could be say 1 sec for a frame or you render lower resolution image blocks and assemble.

    Is it possible with current Scene API to render at a fixed resolution, frame by frame to an image?

    Possibly future improvement if not possible with current API?

    The task is essentially (dream solution):
    Given a GLSL fragment shader, compile, set uniforms and input texture(s), render a quad (2D, 0 to 1 in each dimension or -1 to 1), output to a float texture of given dimension and be able to convert this texture into a numpy array in the end.

    Thanks in advance for any input.

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