• Make sure that stash has the ability to overwrite the existing version. Make sure stash is updating the correct directory, and then maybe rename the existing version or delete it.

  • @timmymathew If you want to send your file to Shortcuts app, there is a quicker way.
    Actually, you tap on Tools, Share, Shortcuts, your shortcut.
    With this way, you tap Tools, "Share to shortcut" (or the text you want, of course)

    You have to do, once,

    your shortcut, named here, My_shortcut, containing only:
    Get Clipboard
    Save file.....as yours shortcut create the little script here-under and add it to Tools
    That's all, folks import clipboard import editor import webbrowser t = editor.get_text() clipboard.set(t) url = 'shortcuts://run-shortcut?name=My_shortcut&input=clipboard' webbrowser.open(url)

  • @viticci was the original author?

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