• marquito

    does anyone have some inspiration on how to implement/use a versioning system.
    That probably is like asking: what can be an easy and especially robust way to use the editorial editor as a (online through dropbox I assume) wiki system that can also be used from other code/desktop computers/theoretically other apps.
    Would it be using an already tested and tried versioning system like git or something along the line ...
    ... or just create multiple files with version pre-/suffix and write a custom UI (ui module vs web-code and built in browser (because of course wiki comes from browser and rendering things like formulas would be handy sometimes I am sure)) I just feel like there are so many ways to go and would appreciate any one to chime in ... give thanks

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  • marquito

    I would like to present my suggestion to make a bookmark bar also available on the iPhone version of the app. I think it should be possible to set the visibility of the bar inside the preferences dialog.

    Thanks for considering ... ;)

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  • marquito


    I am starting to pick up Python and Pythonista alongside, so excuse me on my first post, which should be understood as a suggestion/idea and can be deleted if it is not applicable.

    I find it very annoying that the root folder ist not a synced directory, like it is the case in Editorial, which I am also using and is a very great app even though it crashes sometimes upon very basic tasks like today deleting a file from local. I would also be glad if the community could introduce me so I know how or if I can do anything to help upon the improvement on these apps (bug reports anything ...)

    Because I observed Apple to react from my perspective in a positive way upon being told by users that they are blocking innovative usage of their products. I think it would for example be very good if Pythonista could use a Folder in iCloud which was exactly invented by Apple for this purpose, to keep apps in Sync and backed up across the devices and make the data available on the desktop too for viewing and editing.
    Then my iPhone Pythonista would be the same as my iPad Pythista and I could use and write code on the desktop too. I am of course aware all this is possible in more or less hack style already but it is not the same.

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