• MathJazz

    Oh my god! You're the MAN!

    I did not know that scene module would handle that, I'm gonna read more about that module and all its capabilities!

    A huge thanks Mickael, I am now following you in case I ever need some help!

    Take care!

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  • MathJazz

    How to detect inputs from XBox One Controller in Pythonista

    Hi! What a wonderful app isn't it? I really appreciate it, top quality!

    With that being said... I've been trying to import modules that can handle Bluetooth devices connected to my iPad, but every modules I tried to import where not integrated in Pythonista (in fact, the only one available was cb).

    PyGame? Nah, PyID? NAH!

    By now, it seems impossible to read inputs from my gamepad. BTW: I don't have any code to show you as I can't import a proper module to play with...

    Actually, here's what I need to do:

    • I need to detect the controller;
    • I need to read the inputs from joysticks, triggers and buttons...

    It can't be that hard? No?

    Suggestion for Pythonista

    If it is not possible, I think it would be VITAL to add this feature in Pythonista!

    With MFI controller support from apple mobile devices, Pythonista would be THE software to develop python based games on iPad Pro! Imagine developping, coding, testing and enabling controllers all in a box! This would be awesome!

    Thanks in advance for your suggestions and I hope you're all safe and super healthy! :)


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