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    Assume that you gave access Pythonista to "File Provider Storage" (which is On my IPad in Files).

    The path of a file there is like /private/var/mobile/Containers/Shared/AppGroup/EF3F9065-AD98-4DE3-B5DB-21170E88B77F/File Provider Storage/MyFolder/MyFile.xxx where you see a set of hexadecimal digits which will be different on each of your devices.

    To know, once, which is this device-id, run this script

    import dialogs

    and select a file in the folder you want. The script will print a path.

    Don't worry about infos of the path, like /tmp/com.omz-software.Pythonista3-Inbox/.

    Thank you very much for your step by step tutorial ! I love Python and having it on my Ipad is really wonderful. I have my own Contacts application store on sqlite database. Now I can use that app anywhere ! Thanks again !

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    I mean in Apple Files app.

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    Hello there,

    I am beginner to Python. I just installed Pythonista on my Ipad. In my desktop, I have no difficulties to connect my python script to a sqlite db, I just need the file path. But on my Ipad, how do I connect if by sqlite db in on Ipad Files folder ? Could anyone show me a generic example in how to connect your script to a file in your Ipad ? Thank you very much !

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