• @Phuket2 Hi, Iā€˜m on the beta program, too, and will have a look at this library! Thanks for the hint! šŸ˜ƒ

  • @metawops It's possible to open the Photos app using webbrowser.open('photos-redirect://') but I'm not sure if there's a way to show a specific photo or album that way.

  • Aweseom hints, guys! Didn't know about the dialogs module at all. The dialogs.list_dialog() looks good and suits my needs. šŸ˜€
    Thanks a lot!!

  • Btw, the reason twitter.request gives you a byte string, and not unicode, is that some requests may actually result in binary data (e.g. profile images etc.), and this way, the type of the return value can be the same in all cases.

    In Python 2, you don't really see this as a problem because byte strings are silently converted to unicode in a lot of cases, but in Python 3, you have to be explicit (which is often for the better because the Python 2 approach can hide errors from you that only pop up when your data suddenly contains umlauts). If you want to learn more, here's a good presentation on the subject: http://nedbatchelder.com/text/unipain.html

  • > It's not possible to write Python scripts in Editorial's editor.

    It is now.

    It seemed like an interesting problem so I created two workflows: Save as Python... and Edit Python... to assist in the creation and editing of Python files that you can import your own Python scripts into your Editorial workflows.

    Save as Python... writes the contents of the Editor into a Python file. Edit Python... reads a Python file and places its contents into the Editor.

    You can use Save to Python... to put my_script.py into place and then your "Run Python Script" task would be:

    #coding: utf-8 import my_script, workflow workflow.set_output(my_script.main(workflow.get_input()))

    If you are editing Python files then you might want to force a reload to ensure your workflow is really importing your latest and greatest code:

    import my_module_a ; reload(my_module_a) import my_module_b ; reload(my_module_b)
  • Oh! I found something!
    Looks like I have to set the property content_mode of the ImageView.
    Like this:

    view.subviews[0].subviews[0].content_mode = ui.CONTENT_SCALE_ASPECT_FIT

    I can't find this property in the UI editor. So I have to set it at run time?

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