• Michael,

    You can add a TOC to your document. You basically use the markdown library to render your document. A simple example is to pass your document text to this script and then show the result in an HTML panel. You will also need to add [TOC] in your document where you want your TOC to show.

    import workflow import markdown action_in = workflow.get_input() md = markdown.Markdown(extensions=['toc','footnotes']) html = md.convert(action_in) action_out = html workflow.set_out(action_out)
  • I currently have two iPads (in transition), both running iThoughts and Editorial. One offers me Editorial, the other does not.

    The 'not' offers texttastic and dropbox

    The 'other' offers Textastic, Day One, Editorial, FTPpro on the go, Documents, Drafts, DropBox. All apps are on both iPads. I think Craig is about right here

    I've never been able to figure out the logic of what is offered by what and to what
  • You're right in that respect that Editorial does ( mostly ) support Markdown.

    However, Ole is thinking about switching to MultiMarkdown, see https://omz-forums.appspot.com/editorial/post/6488681971974144.

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