• midimuso

    Get error while trying to import workflows using
    https://gist.github.com/omz/4303311 i.e. Add from Gist.wkflw

    both give error on line 52
    Workflow error (importing workflow)
    Ann error occurred in the action
    "Run Python Script": Line 52:
    Attribute Error: 'module' object has no attribute 'add_command'

    52 editor.add_command(name,content)

    Please Help.

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  • midimuso

    Please can someone update these scripts.
    I know you can use them if you remove the username in the URL , but I would like to be able
    to download directly via Browser using the JavaScript bookmarklet.
    (I'm totally new here , and have no idea how to go about trying to
    modify the script to strip out the Username in the URL)

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  • midimuso

    There was an error message while trying this script -
    Line 20 Index Error:List index out of range.
    The original script refers to this URL in line 20
    But when I looked at the source code for the mp3 I was trying to download
    I see that it is
    So I updated the Script with this new URL, in 2 places
    line 20
    line 24
    and tried again , this time it launched the iDownloads+ App
    and Downloaded OK.
    20 the_js = find_xtsite_js.rsplit('m-a-tb.sndcdn.com',1)[1].split('"',1)[0].split('/')[-1]
    21 print " .. getting client_id .. "
    22 new_headers = {'Accept-Encoding': 'identity', 'Connection': 'close'}
    23 sess.headers.update(new_headers)
    24 find_client_id = sess.get('http://m-a-tb.sndcdn.com/' + the_js)

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