• @mikael Hope I'm reading this right.

  • @cvp perfect! In fact, I found out how to implement it with Objc by Google, but I don't know how to convert it to Python. and your code is a great example for me to learn. Thanks a lot!


  • @mieq said:


    def load(self, sender): def get_data(): for url, iv in zip(self.urls, self.ivs): yield requests.get(url).content, iv for data, iv in get_data(): iv.image = ui.Image.from_data(data)

    But I replaced ImageView.load_from_url with ui.Image.from_data,everything is fine.the resource allocation problem caused by displaying the gif file?

    Im Assuming the memory alocation is different for animations. I found alot of reports on gif animations not closing thier stream on loop end and would contenue to build memory alocation. some even after dismissing (changing to new gif) wouldnt release memory used.

    some reports have people getting over a GB just my letting a gif run for x time. i figure IOS detects this prior to fully opening and closes the gif before opening to memory.

    appears that gifly is bad at providing these 'broken' files but i dont think its really anyones fault lol

  • @stephen 👍

  • @cvp Yes it's really amazing

  • @cvp It does make sense.😆

  • @omz You're right. I'll obviously never use it but your application is so vast that you will always meet someone who has requests that you have not thought of.

    And that is a reason more why so much people here find your app (and you too) so marvelous, sincerely said, not to get a personal reduction 😂

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