• nice work!

  • @mikael said:

    The web tab needs to be the active one to get URL.

    I had only tested with one tab, thus...

  • @mikael I can only agree :)

  • @mikael You have all to be happy:

    you have Pythonista you're a Python master you live in Finland

    Seriously, I hope that your and your family are safe, be careful with this shit of virus

  • @mikael Not a big added value πŸ˜€ It shows it is part of Pythonista but if you get a folder like site-packages, it proves you have an unwanted copy

  • @mikael
    sorry for reply late, im not sure if i get your point at sec paragraph, cause my eng not even good and machine translation not so reliable.
    let me assume you meant that you would give support if i want to try adding read-mode.
    thanks for your kind, but i dont know if i have time to do it, and i didnt learn objc before, so maybe it would take long time to finish that (or never :/
    btw, content rule is a great direction indeed, i should take some time to learn about that

  • @omz, thank you!

  • @mikael I had understood, not as usual πŸ˜€

  • @sodoku, I tried something similar as well a while ago, first recognizing rectangles and then trying to recognize the numbers, but I hit the same issue of very poor recognition of the numbers. I wonder if we would need a number-specific recognizer for that.

  • @JonB, thanks. Intuitively this seems like it should be faster and more efficient than going via the PNG conversion.

    But when I went to test the performance I ran into a couple of issues with the asset approach:

    Resulting image size is dependent on the size of the original ui.Image created. Both the original and ”asset-applied” images are retained in the ui.Image somehow, and for example ButtonItems do not really handle that well.

    See below couple of example images. First one uses a too-large initializing picture (Lenna), the second too small one (triangle arrow icon), which you can see presented in the title area.

    Break 1
    Break 2

  • I like the intuitive and simplistic API approach as always when mikael comes out with a new thing ;-) Next time I have a need for parallel execution in my code I will definitly come back to genr ...

  • @mikael I had seen it also in the past...

  • Pythonista posted

    Who knows enough Swift to give Pyto a UI facelift (look-and-feel + usability) so that it is as slick as Pythonista? Pyto already runs Python 3.8 and has updated modules and the full data science tools built in but it needs UI love.

  • @mikael ok, understood

  • @JonB, yes, I misread/misremembered the acceleration as velocity, and also forgot some of my basic physics as well, and really should have taken the time to go back to the docs after your first message, sorry.

    In any case, I am super happy to have this clarified, both in order to avoid similar confusion with fields in the future, as well as to avoid any extra Python code in the update.

  • Vous etes super 😍 πŸ‘πŸ» Je tellement aimes votre messages. That was my school french sorry it is poor too. 😌

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