• Mintu

    Hello everyone,,
    I’m testing Editorial, looking for “the best” MultiMarkdown editor for iOS.

    I have three problems with Editorial that somebody might be able to help me with:
    Links to footnotes don’t work (using [^1] and [^1]: Footnote text syntax). Actually other internal links like {{TOC}} don't seem to work either. I believe this might be an iOS problem that requires the developer to make some changes to the app.
    In-line images don’t display (using syntax
    Can’t set MM preview to use Different heading/text fonts; I would like to use Verdana for headings and Georgia for text. I have experimented with the editor settings but can't seem to get this yo work.
    NOTE: All these issues work correctly in ByWord so I don't believe I am having syntax problems.

    Thanks in advance,.

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  • Mintu


    I already have set the Shortcuts -> Pythonista part of the equation. After reading all I could find online (Pythonista forums) on Oauth2 and Google Auth I just couldn’t install the authentications/libraries on Pythonista to solve the last part and send data to a Google Spreadsheet.
    Appreciate all the help!

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