• thanks a lot!

  • @mikael thank a lot, I’m happy your daughter likes it.

    At the end of the hunt, the score is displayed - when you touch the screen at this point it should restart the hunt.

  • Oh thanks for mentioning the ui.inbackground() stuff - that was the issue !

    Actually my code was reloading all the images from a @ui.inbackground section, which is bad design.

    Fixed it in order to ensure all is always loaded from the main thread, it works great now !

    Sorry for bothering, and thanks for the super fast reply.

  • I'm using a pyui file being loaded, not code.

  • @JonB, no I don't have a reference to bounds, frame etc. but I have been reading the docs and experimenting like you. There are inconsistencies . But I think the main inconsistencies are in the jargon. Does your head in :)especially when you start hiding the title_bar
    No disrespect to @omz, whilst the ui package is fantastic, you can see it was a little rushed or not as well thought out as other parts of Pythonista. I want to be clear, I still think it's amazing, but there are short comings. Just being honest. But there only so many hours in a day, and I appreciate that

  • Thanks for the fix, build 160032 works perfectly !

  • Thanks guys, the reload() trick did it !

  • Brilliant, thanks !!!

  • @brumm Hey, if you can, could you please check this thread and see what I said to the creator and try to achieve that? I don’t think he uses this website anymore considering that last time he was on here was three months ago...

    (NO OFFENSE creator if you are reading this!)

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