See and try sample of @JonB here
It uses attributedText in Objective-C

Sample based on this code

# coding: utf-8 # set attributed text dor existing textview # see JonB code at # import ui from objc_util import * class MyView(ui.View): def __init__(self): self.width = 300 self.height = 300 tv=ui.TextView(flex='wh',frame=self.bounds) tv.delegate = self self.add_subview(tv) tv.begin_editing() UIColor=ObjCClass('UIColor') self.UIred = UIColor.redColor() self.UIfont=ObjCClass('UIFont').fontWithName_size_('Courier',20) #set up objc instance self.tvo=ObjCInstance(tv) def textview_did_change(self, textview): self.stro=ObjCClass('NSMutableAttributedString').alloc().initWithString_( textview.text) i = 0 st = textview.text.find('[',i) l = 1 while st >= 0: self.stro.addAttribute_value_range_('NSBackgroundColor',self.UIred,NSRange(st,l)) self.stro.addAttribute_value_range_(ObjCInstance(c_void_p.in_dll(c,'NSFontAttributeName')),self.UIfont,NSRange(st,l)) self.setAttribs() i = st + 1 st = textview.text.find('[',i) @on_main_thread #apparently this must be called on main thread for textview def setAttribs(self): self.tvo.setAllowsEditingTextAttributes_(True) self.tvo.setAttributedText_(self.stro) v=MyView() v.present('sheet')

It allows you to enter your text and it set the red color for all "[" found in it.