• @MTcoder Yes... This forum is the places for that. I believe that what @omz was saying with his post above was that he was able to reproduce the problem locally and that in his expert opinion, he believes that it should be recorded and tracked in our new bugbase.

  • @ccc said:

    Pythonista is based on CPython 2.7.5 but the current CPython is 2.7.11. It you go back and read the URLs that you provided above, you will see that urllib3 warns you if you are doing certain things with CPython versions prior to 2.7.9.

    Thank you for the version numbers -- that explains a lot. I reported this since these exceptions were not popping up in Pythonista 2.0 but started with 2.1. I'm upgrading code to Dropbox v2, but will just disable these warnings in the current v1 code.

  • @SimCityWok Since you have your access token you should be in good shape, especially with Pythonista 2.1.

    Take a look at Dropbox API Explorer in the Dropbox developer's area. It allows you to play and access your dropbox and generate code with just your token in hand.

    Good luck -- I hope you can get in again.

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