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    @cvp Brilliant! Thank you so much. My first script is complete and is working beautifully. :) Even better than that is I learned something!

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    Thanks for your reply, I’m kanda hoping that’s not the case though.

    The documents covers the following:
    A Group object represents a group in the address book, e.g. friends, family, or co-workers. After initializing a Group object and setting its name attribute, it can be added to the address book database by calling add_group(). When a group’s name is modified, the save() function has to be called in order to make the change persistent.

    The group’s name, e.g. ‘Friends’ or ‘Family’.

    The persistent identifier of the group record in the address book (int, readonly), or -1 if the group has not been saved yet. The id can be used with the get_group() function.


    Somewhere else I’ve seen mention of an “add_member” function too, which perhaps implies it might be possible?

    @ccc said:

    Python introspection to the rescue...

    import contacts
    print(dir(contacts.get_all_groups()[-1]))  # dir(the last Group in Contacts)

    Group has three methods add_member(), get_members(), and remove_member().

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    My first question here and just getting started so please be kind.

    The task I’ve set myself is to automatically extract contact information from a stack of pdf registration forms, and to create new IOS contacts with that extracted information.

    I’ve used (apple) workflow to get the text elements from the PDFs, and have cobbled together the code below from snippets found here that use the contacts module provided in pythonista to create a new contact in IOS.
    All good so far.... however now I’m stuck and looking for some clues on how to add the contact to a particular group in IOS contacts, namely “Customers”
    The documentation doesn’t seem to cover this in a way I’m able to understand and there are no examples I can find either here or elsewhere on the web showing how to use the contact.group element to add a new member to a group.
    What I’ve got so far is here:

    [https://gist.github.com/my4paws/ae7dc32ba9937996d4d13848ab13404c](link url)
    Note: I wasn’t able to post the code directly here without being flagged as spam.

    Any help much appreciated.

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    Thank you 😊

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    Spent a good while composing a detailed question only to have my post rejected as Spam. Absolutely nothing in the content of the post was remotely spam like. No links, no swearing, no emoticons, no images, good use of punctuation, grammar, code placed in within provided code section.
    What gives?

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    I’m also new to python and reading through the forum here looking for help building my first script. I’ve yet to ask a question here. That no one has given you an answer in 21 days for what is I’m sure pretty basic stuff for most users of this forum doesn’t bode well for us beginners does it. :(
    But anyway... you can achieve your aim within just workflow quite easily with the following sequence of actions.

    Get file
    Set variable
    Save file ( with new name)
    Get variable
    Delete file

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