• NeroDanza

    Thank you. It works very well!

    How would I know how to do this without your post though? Should I be reading the objective C iOS api from Apple, or something?

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  • NeroDanza

    I have a script here that runs google image search on whatever URL is in clipboard.
    It works perfectly **in Pythonista. **

    But I want it to work from within Safari (That means from Safari->'Run Pythonista Script'->'My script.py'.

    It will not open the tab if run in this way from Safari. Is there a way to make this work?

    My code is simply:

    import clipboard
    import webbrowser
    def is_url(image_url):
        ''' Accepts a url [string]. Returns True if url is valid. '''
            return image_url.startswith('http://')
            print 'Invalid URL.'
            return False
    def create_url(image_url):
        ''' Accepts an image_url [string]. Returns search by image URL. '''
        search_url = 'https://www.google.co.uk/searchbyimage?&image_url='
            search_url += image_url
            print 'Could not create URL from clipboard.'
        return search_url
    def main():
        image_url = clipboard.get()
        if is_url(image_url):
            search_url = create_url(image_url)
            webbrowser.open('safari-' + search_url)
            print 'Done.'
    if __name__ == '__main__':

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  • NeroDanza

    I always work with two files open side-by-side from my desktop. However, it doesn't seem I can do this with Pythonista.

    Please consider the option of allowing two files open side-by-side. This makes test-driven development far easier (when you can see the tests and the code at the same time)


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  • NeroDanza

    I'll answer my own question. py files are stored in the following Pythonista directory on the iPad Pro running iOS 9.3.3:


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  • NeroDanza

    What is the absolute directory where Pythonista scripts are stored?
    Pythonista.app does not exist in /Applications

    (Assume I have access to the full file system)

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