• nickster70

    GitHubGet works really well and is easy to use fro the actions menu. While Shellista's wget works as well, GitHubGet is a single click once u have a url copy pasted from the browser.

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  • nickster70


    I'm a new user to pythonista and noticed a few bugs on the iPhone.

    1. Add Action Menu only lists scripts in the top level and ignores sub-directories
    2. Running a Script from the Actions Menu seems to enable editing of the current script title
    3. Renaming a folder within a sub-dir moves it to the top level dir after renaming
    4. Wrapped lines look funny on the second line (already in another thread)
    5. Directories with '.' in them seem to have some issues being listed
    6. Export Library Archive doesn't seem to include any subdirectories, only contains top level files.

    Feature Requests

    1. Ability to specify sys.argv when running a script (makes it easy to use general CLI scripts)
    2. Ability to create/view non-python files (like.txt, .zip, and even dot files)

    The program is great!!! and ability to run a server for 10 mins in the background is great!!, along with all the Gists ppl have been creating and love the extra modules you have added!!! Very nice! Made me excited about Python again.!!!

    I apologize if there were covered elsewhere on the site. I tried to search but don't think I found a consolidated list.

    Thanks in advance!

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  • nickster70

    I have the same issue. I see more often on the iphone since the ipad is wider. Glad to know the workaround but of course would be nice to not deal with the bug to begin with.

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