• I love Workflow... I use it to schedule appointments from contact info, with specific notes and send automatic confirmation emails.

    I wonder if workflow could make editorial interface with PDFEXPERT?

    (Actually the r/workflow is where I found out about Editorial)

  • @omz thanks again! It's overall fan friggin tastic. :)

    I'll play with this soon

  • And soooooooo.....

    Here is a workflow for this step of my process. http://www.editorial-workflows.com/workflow/5771846762889216/xI4LXsctvGg

    The csv is exported from iOS Numbers into editorial. This workflow takes the file contents of that csv (which is default named Blank.csv) and converts it to a mmd table, adds borders in the HTML step. Replaces the csv text with the mmd table... and in the shared workflow outputs to a PDF file. I'll save that step until I'm done with the whole report.

    All python thanks to @ccc , who is effing fantastic.


  • Thanks! That's beautiful!

  • @NikkiSchwartzVB If you do create a .yaml file per client then consider creating a folder in Editorial called clients and the change Donald_Trump.yaml to clients/Donald_Trump.yaml in your read and write logic. This will keep your clients out of your Documents folder.

  • You could make your script do double duty by adding the line:

    workflow.set_variable('minor', 'minor' if age < 18 else '')
  • That is the funniest thing I've read this week. Thank you for making my life better today. πŸ˜‚

    I think I could learn Python... It is probably more about whether or not I have the time/energy with family life and a small, independent private practice.

    Here's the work flow I'm currently working on. http://www.editorial-workflows.com/workflow/5800999121846272/7puHPfIJDdc

    This evaluation is several pages long, this is just the first paragraph. Trying to decide how to move forward. Separate work flows for each paragraph?

    (And thank you very much for the compliment :)

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