• This thread is from 2012 where the ui module didn't exist yet, so the above all applies only to scene scripts. With a UI you're probably best off using a ui.Label and setting its font and text_color attributes.

  • The rewrite of the scene module in Pythonista 2.0 adds modal scenes which make MultiScene far less needed than it was in previous versions. https://forum.omz-software.com/topic/2500/scene-transitions contains some discussion on this. Also scenes seem to me to be much more forgiving and well behaved than they were in earlier iterations of the scene module. For instance, you can now call scene.run() on multiple scene.Scenes in a single script and when you close the top scene, the next one will appear. This was not possible in the original implementation of scene. Chaining of scenes is also possible. @eliskan175 solution above probably works in Pythonista 2.0 with few mods.

  • thnx so much silverkors.

    i now don't have access to my idevice. as far as i could check from the class it draws a keyboard using rect and text. it is cool.

    actually i am working on a simpler keyboard (just lower-key letters, no numbers).

    my approch has been to load the iPhone keyboard pic as png. and for every key you hit it shows a somehow big rectangle of the letter above the key (something like when you hit a key in native iPhone keyboard). so it needs just three layers (keyboard, rectangle image, textlayer of the key you hit).

    i will upload it when ready

  • You can simply set the <code>tint</code> property of the TextLayer to set it to a different color, e.g. for red text:

    <pre>text_layer = ...
    text_layer.tint = Color(1, 0, 0)</pre>

  • thanks pudquick,OMZ

    actually i converted my plist to JSON and imported it into my iDevice. it works pretty well.


  • I see, thanks. This is basically a rounding error that results from integer values being used instead of floats. I intend to fix this, but you can also work around this issue pretty easily by explicitly using float coordinates, i.e. <code>center.x - 64.0</code> instead of <code>center.x - 64</code> etc. Just add a <code>.0</code> to your coordinates for now and it should work.

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