• noopykat

    Sorry for taking two days to respond, I should take some time to setup the notifications when someone replies to me...

    @dgelessus & @ccc,

    I was hoping for both internal documentation and a book which I can follow along for ideas. Thank you both for this.


    Thank you for the information about the Beta. I will apply and hopefully there is a slot available.

    @omz & @dgelessus,

    If I open a sample file first, Pythonista will not crash. Thank you for the solution.


    It sounds like the book is what I'm searching for and I'll have a look at it. Thank you.

    I had tried the iOS version but I couldn't find the the "Feature Filter (http://ark.intel.com/Search/Advanced) which is built in to the web app. If you select options in the left frame and hit the "Search", there is an "Export Data" on the top right. I was able to open the document in Office 2010 but not on the iPad.

    I can always upload the file I was working with if anyone wants to see what happens.

    This is just one example of the file conversions I would like to automate and I think (hope) it shouldn't be too difficult as a "first project".

    It's been 17 years since I've written anything significant and most of what I did was in DBase, C+ and some Pascal. I figure it's a matter of reading the documentation and examining code to see how everything works together.

    I see so many of you helping others like myself and it is inspiring and when I have an understanding of all this, I want to do the same.

    Thank you all for the help and I hope I haven't missed anything.

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  • noopykat

    Hello To everyone from the West Coast of Canada,

    I have an iPad Air 1 running iOS 8.3, soon to be 8.4.1 and I would like to use it as my primary device (medical reasons) and avoid using my laptop as much as I can. I bought Editorial, Workflow, Drafts and just purchased Pythonista.

    One of the problems I came across was when downloading the data from Intel's ARK database was that the XML files aren't XML but an MS Excel (XLSX) Document and in theory, it should open in Numbers and it does, but not as a spreadsheet of 145 Processors, as a single column, 1400 row document. I found some Python code which will convert XML/XLS to CSV but I didn't realize you need Pythonista to use the code in Workflow. I want to figure out as much on my own before asking for help but I do have a few questions and I would appreciate everyone's input.

    Q1: Can anone recommend an ePub or PDF (paid or free) to use as a reference as I don't always have access to WiFi?

    Q2: Should I keep Drafts on my iPad if I have Editorial. I'd like to stick with Editotrial, Pythonista & Workflow but I get the idea from looking at the workflows, it's better to have both.

    Q3: I've read a few discussions about the Beta for 1.6 which if I recall, provides a "Share Sheet" alternative. Besides this, are there other obvious reasons to apply for the Beta?

    Q4: I tried to change the theme in Pytonista and it crashed each time yet when I close & reopen the app, there's a checkmark beside the chosen theme but it never changes.

    Thank you in advance for reading and your replies.r

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