• oghh

    iPad 2, iOS 8.4, editorial 1.2.1
    Neither editorial://back nor editorial:// seems to be known to Safari.
    However, editorial-http://google.com does switch to Editorial's browser

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  • oghh

    Thank you, reboot of the device did help,
    whereas safari and/or editorial restart did not fix it...

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  • oghh

    I would like to repeat here my Feature Request from last year for any scrambling or Boxcryptor support ...

    Using the very comfortable DropBox cloud lacks of security from spying eyes.
    BoxCryptor implements some easy way of using encryption (and on PC even transparent file system integration).
    I'am really searching for any (at best transparent) encryption solution inside Editorial before! saving to DropBox.
    One simple attempt could be zipping with password and applying zip/unzip transparently into DropBox-stream. That zip and encrypt option ... will not cause problems in file handling on PC or Mac.
    A general zip & encrypt module (plus base64 translation) will be usefull also for integration in e-mail workflow.
    Further hints quickly found:
    on GitHub
    decryption / extraction ...do not know, how to use and integrate those findings.
    Quite another attempt to think about might be Apples Passbook file type .pkpass and API.
    It's a zip container of text and image files (think of markdown and referenced figures)
    Important for/inside that container are a JSON definition file plus signature (pass code).

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  • oghh

    I also found keyboard lacking the space bar in several situations

    • after changing from browser url input to editor
    • after selection of text in workflow editor
    • sometimes on changing focus from editor search field to editor window

    However, tapping on just the opposite, i.e. search field (to change focus again) or alternatively switching between browser/editor did help to retstore the proper keyboard layout.

    @Ole: Is there a way to have just the same enhanced keyboard of editor (with those special signs and cursor placing feature) for browser also?

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  • oghh

    Since the 1.2 update the browser bookmarks URL field denies javascript:....

    I have tried a lot to get some extensively used bookmarklets running again by using the new introduced module Evaluate JavaScript instead.
    In case of simply scrolling to page bottom or unlocking viewport zoom I was successful so far.

    But slightly more complex snippets as the official Firebug Lite code do not work here:

    Same code with leading javascript: does work very well in Safari bookmark url, what is going wrong here?

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  • oghh

    Yes, I vote for remembering last edit position also.
    Ole please do that in context of the new recent files list.

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  • oghh

    Dear Ole,
    Thanks a lot for your update and all those amazing enhancements!

    However there are some issues (iPad2 iPhone5s iOS 8.3), I wonder:

    • How to fix the "javascript" URL scheme error? Internal Browser does not further handle my previously often used bookmarklet:
    • Browser web tabs and its title are kept well over time and any task/app jump, but after more or less time when memory was swapped out the reload icon disappears, only close tab icon is shown...
    • Why/when the surf history of an browser web tab gets lost ... seams already after doing some editing/previewing only?
    • DropBox (subfolder) synchronisation works not properly. iPhone 5s first did not found a word which was present in iPad's search results. Dropbox root sync tap did not help. Entering the sub directory and searching fails also until repeated sync from within that subfolder.

    Global search inside all files felt more convenient formerly because the search string was taken over into the editors search field, allowing for effortless quick scrolling to requested context. Now tap on in-editor search (required!) will show circulate/jump arrows, however, without feedback of the string taken over.

    How would it be possible to open any inside browser web page (or Dropbox file) using just that html-mode with syntax highlighting as used for your Preview style editing?

    Best regards
    Olaf from Hamburg

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  • oghh

    Editorial should remember (optionally at best) the last view as well last edited cursor and page view scroll position for each document!

    Especially on working / changing between several documents it drives me crazy to find / jump quickly to my last position. The same applies to changes between mark down edit (say any late in document position). Previewing to ckeck just the result of that edit I did just seconds before should not scroll to top of document…

    If other users really prefer to start on top of documents (loading or previewing) this option of quick jump to last position could be simply bonded to long tap of the document manager choice resp. the preview button. And please remember at least a last search string per file (better a search history list).

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  • oghh

    editorial 1.1 will preview without space sign after hash...

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  • oghh

    Regarding Workflows...

    Edit / View workflow lacks either any undo option or escape without storing changes !

    I have found neither pressing "Done Button" nor most left close down icon to neglect accidently disturbed module´s order while swiping to scroll the screen only...

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