• In terms of how to package code -- gist is obviously the easiest, since it comes built into the app. Git is available in stash or the working copy app, and is another good way. A rarely used method is to create an executable url, which opens a script directly into the app. Some have made their modules available on pypi. You could also just zip the files up and place somewhere, with a one liner to install (see the stash GitHub repo for such an example)

  • I finally found the issue. The code works fine on the main level of the app, but has these issue when triggered from a event handler (a function call from an action attribute). The following directive solves the issue:

    import location @ui.in_background def button_tapped(sender): location.start_updates() loc_dic = location.get_location() addr_dic = location.reverse_geocode(loc_dic) ...
  • Or to make it easy on yourself:

    import ui viewSet = set(dir(ui.View)) print(set(dir(ui.ImageView)).difference(viewSet))

    It will give you the methods that are unique to the ImageView class and not inherited from View.
    It is just {'image', 'load_from_url'}

    Everything else is from the View and should be documented there.

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