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    I'm creating a new file from within a python script (editor.set_file_contents() ...). At the end of the python script I pass the filename as output to the workflow. After this I use a "Open Document" action to open the file ... or better I'm trying to, because it keeps telling me the file does not exist.

    Strangely the file does exist after running the workflow and when I suspend the execution of the "Open Document" action everything work fine - the "Open Document" action find's the new file.

    Well, I suspected some timing problem and added a sleep right before the workflow.set_output() and even added a editor.reload_files() just to make sure ... but unfortunately that was not working.

    Could someone please tell me, if I'm doing something wrong? Or is this just a bug? (Btw. I'm using and IPad3 with IOS 7.0.2)


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