• I liked this thread where I was building the mandelbrot set in 30 seconds and then @abcabc showed us how to use OpenGL to calculate and draw it 60 TIMES a second... https://forum.omz-software.com/topic/3171/relative-performance-of-python2-vs-python3

  • abcabc,

    Interesting. I will give this a try as well. Thanks for your help!

    Being able to twiddle with the objective C under the hood in Pythonista is fascinating.


  • I have a suspicion that MFi controllers require that the app is actually linked against the GameController framework – could be an optimization to turn off controller communication while an app is running that doesn't support them or something like that... I don't have a controller to test this unfortunately, though controller support is something that I find potentially interesting as an addition to the scene module. I might buy one for testing at some point.

  • @ccc, just something I need , very nice indeed! I import a game, that for grand-son and daughter, and run it before the background cardimages are shown, meeaning I am on the way for an 4-level game ...
    Next try, just using one of the marvallous available games , as next levels ..
    .. Topscore files will be used for further interaction ..

    Thanks to your example ... Helps a lot 😊 , happy OpaPeter

  • That's "friction". It slows down the ghosts, if there were no other forces they would loose 20% of their velocity every second. Try running the code without it!

  • @Oscar Should be in the Examples folder (use "Restore Examples" in the settings if it's not there).

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