• parkerc

    Hi, I have put everything into the same folder now (called Qnap ) but whenever I run that file I continue to get the same syntax error on the first line - yet there is a file in the folder called filestation.py ?

    Here is the qnaprun.py

    from filestation import
    #and now follow the README.md sample
    host = ''
    user = 'your_user'
    password = 'your_password'
    filestation = FileStation(host, user, password)
    shares = filestation.list_share()
    #and now you should start with list or search command...

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  • parkerc


    Thanks for the update ;)

    Ok, I've copied everything I could from that GitHub post in to a folder called QNAP, and then created a new script with what you had provided above and put that outside.

    So I now have a new qnaprun.py file next to the QNAP folder.

    However - When I run the qnaprun.py script I get an immediate "syntaxerror : invalid syntax on the first line ? Which is

    from filestation import

    **** I understand you do not have a QNAP, hence your support is very much appreciated** .

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  • parkerc

    Many thanks !!

    Any help you could give me on making the rest of it work would be appreciated..

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  • parkerc

    Hi, I am a complete novice when it comes to programming, but I do my best to try and pick up new things, and the reason I bought Pythonista was because I saw a github post where someone had posted some python scripts on how to work with a QNAP)


    But while I have copied an pasted the content over, into a new folder called QNAP, it does not seem to work ?

    I'm particularly interested in one of the python scripts here - > https://github.com/mdhorda/qnap/blob/master/get_sid.py as I want to find a way that it can be run, so it asked me for me password and encodes it for me etc.

    Any help would be appreciated

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